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Access to Work Scheme - What Is It?

If you are a disabled person in work or wanting to work in the United Kingdom, you need to know about the “Access to Work” scheme. It is sometimes called “AtW”. It is a UK government scheme that supports your employer with advice and financial support with extra costs that might come from your disability.

For disability you can also read health issue that may last for 12 months or more, by the way.

If you have a disability of health condition that affects your ability to do a job or long term affects and you are:

  • in a job;
  • wanting a job;
  • watning to try a job, or
  • self-employed

you are probably eligible for support.

That support may be equipment, software, training, adaptations to your work environment or support from an individual for particular parts of your job, among other things.

So how do you get it? Wel you either contact your local DEA (Disabillity Employment Adviser) or one of the regional offices. They’ll normally arrange a personal assessment and liaise with your employer or prospective employer. What have you got to lose?

You’ll find DEA’s at your local JobCentre Plus go to to find yours.

There are 3 regional Access to Work offices, in Cardiff (for South West England, Wales, West Midlands and East Midlands ); London (for South East England, London and East England) and Galsgow (Scotland, North East England, North West England and Yorkshire and Humberside). More details at