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Rebecca Ballard, the Singing Geek - Rebecca Ballard

Hello! You have reached Rebecca Ballard, the Singing Geek

I love Singing, leading Singing Groups, building websites for Singers and others.

I’m a bit of a Geek, and love technology.

I get a kick out of helping others with technology. In particular, I love one-to-one training and am specialise in training people with a disability using Assistive Technology.

Singing Leader

I am a member of the Natual Voice Network (NVN). In common with other NVN members, I want to make my singing events as accessible and inclusive as possible.

I aim to teach songs in a traditional way – mostly by ear and start sessions with physical and vocal warm-ups to facilitate vocal health, confidence and fun.

Website Creator

I’ve been creating website since the 1990s. In those days I hand-coded using HTML (I am a geek after all).

Now I choose to create websites using WordPress. The main reason is that once I’ve done my work, my clients can update and add content whenever they want.

Assistive Technology Trainer

I’ve been training people who use Assistive Technolgy since 1997. In that time I’ve helped hundreds of people to get the computer to do what they want not what it wants.

WordPress websites

Contact me to create a WordPress website for you

Facebook Pages

Contact me if you’d like me to set up your Facebook page for maximum impact.

Mailing Lists

Let me know if I can help you set up your mailing lists to reduce your admin time and improve your communication.

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