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Mansel Thomas Trust - Rebecca Ballard

Mansel Thomas Trust

Mansel Thomas Trust website
Mansel Thomas Trust website

Mansel Thomas Trust website

Mansel Thomas was a distinguished Welsh musician – composer, pianist, conductor, adjudicator, examiner and Festival Director. His great love was composing music and his enormous corpus of compositions is testimony to this – over 400 titles are now available in print.

This website ( entailed creating a database of his compositions for the catalogues of his oeuvre, and some programming to have consistent layouts. The pivotal feature of this website is the search facility.  The seach page allows musicians who want to feature a Mansel Thomas composition in a concert or recording to find one that meets all of their search criteria such as length, instrument(s) and vocal range.

The Trustees “are delighted to have the Mansel Thomas website available for all to see and to discover the contents within, since it is Mansel’s music we are concerned to advertise. “


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31st October, 2017

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