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Windows Without a Mouse - Rebecca Ballard

Hi and welcome to the Windows Without a Mouse Weblog.

This is the first of my posts to this blog with some thoughts which you might find useful if you would like to find out more about using your Microsoft Windows computer without using the mouse.

Why would your want to? Well that might be for several reasons

  • it’s faster;
  • if you are a touch typist then it’s far quicker to use a keystroke than take your hand of the keyboard, wiggle the mouse til you find it on screen, move it to the correct point on the screen, click, move your hand back to the keyboard and find the home keys again;
  • generally more ergonomic so friendlier on your wrists – bad use of your hand when using the mouse can result in Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) also know as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(CTS), Upper Limb Disorders (ULDs);
  • if you have a sight problem then using the mouse can be problematic;
  • if you have little or no sight, then you are not able to use the mouse at all;
  • if you have problems with your hands and use speech recognition software then you want to avoid using the mouse because that would take even longer than normal.

The list of possibilities is endless. In this blog you’ll pick up my thoughts, and tips and tricks from time to time. So please come back and visit the Windows Without a Mouse blog.