Assistive Technology Manufacturers

There are many Assistive Technology Manufacturers. This page shows a list of those manufacturers that produce the Assistive Technology that I most come across in my training. It is by no means an exhautive list.

Assistive Technology Software Manufacturers

Freedom Scientific




  • Supernova Magnifier
  • Supernova Screen Reader
  • Supernova Access Suite – Magnifier, Screen Reader and Braille Support
  • Cicero – scanner reader

Ai Squared

  • Zoomtext Magnifier
  • Zoomtext Magnifier/Reader

GW Micro


  • WindowEyes screen reader
  • CCTVs/ Video Magnifiers

Kurzweil Educational Systems


  • Kurzweil 1000 – OCR with Reader
  • Kurzweil 3000 – comprehensive reading, writing and learning software


  • Dragon Naturally Speaking– Speech Recognition
  • OmniPage Professional – OCR

Assistive Technology Hardware Manufacturers

  • Optelec
  • HumanWare

Assistive Technology UK Suppliers

Blazie Ltd

  • Freedom Scientific Products

Sight & Sound Technologies