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Facebook Personal Profile - Rebecca Ballard

Facebook profile imageTo use Facebook, you create an account with information about you. That information is known as your personal profile.

The minimum information that Facebook requires is:

• your name,

• an email address or mobile phone number,

• a secure password,

• your date of birth (you must be over 15) and

• your gender.

If you are concerned about privacy, once your personal profile is created you do not have to use it. You can hide the information you used to create the account, except for your name.

You must have a Facebook Profile to use Facebook and you should only have one.

If you have created a separate profile as your Choir Leader self, and Facebook finds out they could close both accounts down. (You can ask them to turn your Choir Leader personal profile into a Facebook Page. More information in Facebook’s online help.)

Once you have created your personal profile, you are able to create any number of Pages and Groups.


If you want to, you can list your interests and hobbies, work history, marital status, political affiliations etc. You do not have to give any of this information, though Facebook will try to persuade you to :-).

Facebook makes its money by putting adverts in front of you from time to time. It will use those interests to decide what adverts might tempt you. Signing up to Facebook means you give permission to Facebook to do this.

If you’d like to know more, you might be interested in my free guide:

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