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My First Workshop - Part 1a - Rebecca Ballard

Green question markSomebody asked me the other day why it’s taken me so long to run one of my own singing workshops.

It’s a really good question. If you know me personally, you know that I love singing and I love singing in choirs and I recently started leading choirs myself. I’ve “subbed” for the leader of the community choir that I sing with once a week, which is always great fun. With her cajoling, I did a choir leader course with the lovely Candy Verney, joined the Natural Voice Network, led busking sessions and I’ve “conducted” at some of our Community Choir fundraising concerts.

The next logical step would have been to run my own workshops and I haven’t. And I realized the other day, why.

The reason I haven’t is because I didn’t think people would come. I’d be booking a venue, working out what I would teach and then nobody would come and I’d lose money and that would be no good.

And then I had a little stern word to myself (can you tell my partner is a Life Coach?). I said to myself, “Come on, you’re a geek! You’ve taken money online for all sorts of other things, why don’t you link that with workshops?”

?Light bulb moment!

So, recently, I worked out how to work out how to make it work. And, so, now I’ve got my first workshop coming up. Yay!

I booked a lovely venue that I know people will love coming to. I worked out how many people I needed to get to make it viable. I created a Facebook event and shared it. (Facebook is brilliant for marketing events by the way – if you are a choir leader and you aren’t using Facebook take a look at this page.)

And guess what? People signed up, which is fantastic. And enough people have signed up so that I know it will run! If you’ve signed up, thank you very much!

Now some Facebook events I clicked on “Attending” but I haven’t always actually turned up, so I know that that could have happened with this – we say, “Oh, yes, I’m coming, I’m coming,” and we may or may not because our lives get busy.

But, I’ve linked it up with a payment system so that people can easily buy a ticket, right there from the Facebook event or from my website. And enough people have already bought a ticket to make it viable.

Not only that, because I’m using Stripe, actually the money’s already in my bank account. The cost of the venue is already covered.

If more people sign up, that’s more money in my pocket.

So now I can concentrate on what I’m going to teach in the workshop – Festive songs with festive drumming!

So, if you haven’t booked yet, please do and I’ll see you in December.