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My First Workshop - Part 1 - Rebecca Ballard

big green tickI have finally organised my first singing workshop! Yay! But, I want to be sure that I am not going to lose money.

So my “Inner Excel Geek” created a spreadsheet (obviously – that’s what all all good geeks do, isn’t it?) to check my figures and to use next time. I was very happy with it. The spreadsheet, helped me work out what was a reasonable price to charge for an early-bird ticket and how many tickets I had to sell to know that I could run the workshop and not lose money. It also allowed my to work out that if there was a run on the early-bird tickets and I reached my maximum capacity, I still would have a reasonable figure in my pocket at the end.

I also decided to sell those tickets online so that the money would be in my pocket before the event. More of that in Part 2.

My “Inner WordPress Geek” took the spreadsheet and created this little form to share with you. I’d love to know what you think. Please play with the form and add a comment at the end.