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Summer Singing with Laura Bradshaw and Rebecca Ballard 2019 - Rebecca Ballard

Summer Singing with Laura Bradshaw and Rebecca Ballard 2019

Laura Bradshaw leading singing in Cardiff Bay


If you miss your weekly singing over the Summer do come and join Laura Bradshaw and Rebecca Ballard on Thursday evenings.


We will primarily be learning the songs for Sing for Water London, but we may well be doing other things too. Some of us are planning to go to the event on Sunday, 15th September, but most of us will just be learning the songs.


Sing for Water London inspired Sing for Water Cardiff and there are songs in common, so chances are that some of the songs we learn this Summer will be sung at Sing for Water Cardiff at some point.


Rebecca Ballard leading signing at the Barry Busk


We have already raised funds with our concert earlier in the year so we aren’t planning any further fundraising.


Summer Singing will be made up of 8 weeks. We will start on from Thursday 25th July and finish on  Thursday 12th September. (Sing for Water London is on Sunday, 15th September.)

The sessions will be from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, in Canton Uniting Church Hall. 
The church itself is next to the Co-op on Cowbridge Road East, and the entrance to the hall is around the corner in Theobald Road. 
There is some parking on Cowbridge Road East, and more in the car park behind Peacock’s which is free after 6:00pm. 


Both Laura and Rebecca want to make sure that these sessions are viable so we need a minimum number of people to commit to the whole 8 (or at least 6 of the 8) sessions. So if you can do that, we will give you a £22 saving on the PAYG (pay-as-you-go) rate of £10.


You can pay by cash or cheques but you can book your £22 saving now by paying online by clicking on the “Book” button below.


Do talk to us if the price is an issue.