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Jaws Archives - Rebecca Ballard

JAWS 14 Releasesd

New Flexible Web, Vocalizer, Support for Windows 8 Freedom Scientific have announced the release of Jaws 14 , the world’s premier screen reading software. This release includes a new feature called Flexible Web, designed to give users better control when reading Web...

Windows 8 and Accessibility

Many of us are aware that Microsoft is preparing the next version of its Windows Operating System (OS). for those of us interest in assistive technology the big question is what they are building in the the new OS in terms of its accessibility. Here’s a few...

Assistive Technology and Windows Vista

I’ve recently taken delivery of a new computer – a Compaq laptop from PC World , by the way – and took the plunge into the world of the latest Operating System from Microsoft. enter Windows Vista. "Ta-da!" So starts my latest learning curve...

Meredith said

Rebecca, you have been an extremely supportive, enthusiastic and interested trainer and sorter-outer for me – many thanks indeed. I hope our paths cross again one day. Very best wishes Meredith London