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Thoughts on Jaws 14 -

So Jaws 14 has been released. What’s in it and how does it compare to other screen readers?

JAWS 14 vs. NVDA – Fred’s Head from APH


Since so many of my fellow blind buddies told me that JAWS For Windows had finally surpassed NVDA in terms of features I knew that I had to stick my nose into the “what’s new in JAWS 14” business and poke around with a

JAWS 14 screen reader VS NVDA screen reader by Robert Kingett

Robert Kingett compares the features of JAWS 14 to the open source screen reader NVDA. This is the audio version of an article written by Robert Kingett for a popular assistive technology blog

And another view, comparing Jaws 14 and NVDA:

Nvda 2012.3 and Jaws 14 relieced « geek squad for the blind


After a while on the quiet line, I have some awesome news for those who use jaws and nvda. New relieces of those screen readers are coming out this month, packed with new features. For example on nvda, you can now

The biggest thing is support for Windows 8 – FS claim it to be the first sceen reader to support Windows 8.

Jaws 14 Beta, 10/2/2012 « Assistive Technology Blog


While you have to wait another month or so for Windows 8–the newest operating system from Microsoft, you may want to check out the public Beta of JAWS 14. Compatibility with the upcoming Windows 8 is the most important