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Facebook: A Tool To Reach More Singers - Rebecca Ballard

Facebook IconFirst of all, Facebook is a social networking website that was initially designed for use for Ivy League college students in the US.

Facebook is now one of the most popular websites today. With over 62 million active members from all over the world and still growing. And, over the years, Mark Zuckerberg and his many teams at Facebook have added many features that make it a good tool for sharing information with your friends and family.

They have also added features to help people with their business and work. And that includes Choir Leaders!

With Facebook, as well as being able to keep in touch with your friends and family, YOU can use it to communicate with your choir members, bring in new members and advertise your workshops.

The relevant Facebook tools are:

  • Profiles;
  • Pages;
  • Groups and
  • Events.

However it isn’t always easy to work out what exactly what you need to do in what order.

That’s why I’ve written a short guide called:

“Facebook Explained Part 1 – Profiles, Pages, Groups and Events – What’s the difference?”

And it’s FREE! If you’d like your copy, take yourself over to:

and pop your email address in the box, and your copy will wing it’s way to your Inbox.