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Apple's iOS 7 and accessibility - Rebecca Ballard

Apple iOS 7 and Accessibility

I updated my iPad to iOS 7 at the weekend and there are a couple of extra elements on the Accessibility. I’m particuarly interested in VoiceOver which is the screen reader part that is useful to blind and partially sighted people. In particular I like

  • the larger cursor for VoiceOver for those with some sight;
  • the facility to use handwriting to unlock the front screen so you aren’t announcing you passcode to the worls;
  • you can use handwriting to input text generally too.

I’ve been interested to read other people’s reviews.

Maccessibility » Review – iOS 7 and VoiceOver

http://maccessibility.netWed, 18 Sep 2013 13:06:56 GMT

As is our custom, we are going to highlight some of the changes to VoiceOver and accessibility in iOS 7 here. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of the differences between versions 6 and 7, but rather a rundown of the 

Overview of Accessibility Features in iOS 7 | The Website of Luis Perez

http://luisperezonline.comWed, 11 Sep 2013 03:23:14 GMT

Update: My good friend and fellow ADE Daniela Rubio has created a similar post for our Spanish speaking friends on her Macneticos blog. The long wait is over. It’s finally here: iOS 7, the latest and radically redesigned 

My colleagues at have similar thoughts to me on the new on/off settings switch. It doesn’t seem as obvious to me whether something is on or off than in iOS 6.

TidBITS: Peering at iOS 7 for the Vision Impaired

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Legally blind accessibility expert Steven Aquino took iOS 7 for a spin to evaluate how Apple’s new mobile operating system works — both in terms of its redesigned interface and overhauled accessibility options — for those 

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The iPhone revolutionized the world for people with disabilities. Nobody (outside Apple) imagined this touch-only phone with no physical buttons would become the defacto device for people with disabilities. In fact, today’s smart phones have no …

And you can use Siri, iOS’s VoiceControl feature to turn on VoiceOver.

New in iOS 7: Use Siri to Change Accessibility Settings