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Training Archives - Rebecca Ballard

Thoughts on Jaws 14

So Jaws 14 has been released. What’s in it and how does it compare to other screen readers? JAWS 14 vs. NVDA – Fred’s Head from APH www.fredshead.info10/24/12 Since so many of my fellow blind buddies told me that JAWS For Windows had finally...

JAWS 14 Releasesd

New Flexible Web, Vocalizer, Support for Windows 8 Freedom Scientific have announced the release of Jaws 14 , the world’s premier screen reading software. This release includes a new feature called Flexible Web, designed to give users better control when reading Web...

Magic Training

Magic is a great piece of software for people with low vision. It comes in 2 versions, one with speech and the other magnification only and will magnify the screen up to 16 times.
If you are using Freedom Scientific’s magnification software, I can help you get the most out of it and customise it for your needs.