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Jaws Training with Rebecca Ballard - Rebecca Ballard

There is so much that Jaws can help you do on your computer and I can help you achieve it.

  • got the new version – want to know what you might be missing out on;
  • want to do an online shop at Tesco, Sainbury’s, Asda, Waitrose (through Ocado);
  • need to acces your organisation’s website and Intranet
  • get frustrated using Microsoft Word;

I’ve been training people how to use jaws ever since it came out as "Jaws for Windows".

At the beginning of each training session you and I will decide exactly what you want to cover. We will go at your pace. I will encourage you to make your own notes as we go along because I believe that that the best way to help you learn, but I also have some support notes on specific topics that you’ll be able to refer to, as well.